Ysgol Friars – Careers Presentation


One thing our Group Managing Director, Mark Watkin Jones, is very passionate about is enticing young adults into the construction industry. So much so, yesterday he visited local secondary school Ysgol Friars in Bangor, to discuss the variety of roles available within construction.

His visit began with a short overview of the company. He then invited the audience to put forward their thoughts of what careers are available within construction. The response was exactly as we had predicted – bricklayers, joiners, crane drivers etc. His presentation continued, highlighting the wide variety of roles available, not only out on site, but in the office too. Mark also discussed his education, his career path and the 6 items which he feel’s are most important when running a successful business;

  1. The people
  2. The leaders
  3. The training
  4. Understanding your business
  5. Turnover / profit and cash
  6. Tackle the hard bits


Before Mark’s visit came to an end, the pupils were invited to put forward their questions. They were certainly eager to find out more, including what car Mark drives and how much money he has in the bank!

We hope Mark’s visit will inspire these young adults to become future successes of the Watkin Jones Group.