We believe that our reputation as a specialist in the planning application process brings confidence to our partners and stakeholders. Whether they are universities, joint venture partners, land owners or any other stakeholders in the development, our partners can rest assured that Watkin Jones will commit every resource in gaining a successful outcome.

We have an unrivalled reputation in gaining successful planning permissions. We work with a team of architects, heritage architects, highways engineers, land surveyors and a raft of other professional consultants, who are experienced in developing robust planning applications. Our consultants are led by an in-house team of development facilitators including a planning department.

We have highlighted below the locations of student accommodation schemes from recent years in which we have gained planning approval and subsequently developed the scheme. The list does not include details of other development types, for which permission is also secured by our in-house planning department. Permission has recently been secured for the following development types in addition to student accommodation: educational/ institutional; healthcare; hotel; residential (including private rented sector); offices; and retail/ commercial.

During 2014, planning permission was obtained for 3,145 bedrooms in the following locations:

  • Bangor – 49 bed spaces
  • Bristol – 500 bed spaces
  • Edinburgh – 450 bed spaces
  • Glasgow – 504 bed spaces
  • Leeds – 320 bed spaces
  • Liverpool – 398 bed spaces
  • London – 527 bed spaces
  • Sheffield – 397 bed spaces

During 2015, planning permission was obtained for 2,164 bedrooms in the following locations:

  • Bath – 104 bed spaces
  • Belfast – 413 bed spaces
  • Bournemouth – 940 bed spaces
  • Glasgow – 568 bedspaces
  • Sheffield – 139 bed spaces

During 2016, we have to date obtained planning permission for 3,357 bedrooms in the following locations:

  • Aberdeen – 618 bed spaces
  • Belfast – 473 bed spaces
  • Cardiff – 910 bed spaces
  • Chester – 77 bed spaces
  • London – 511 bed spaces
  • Newcastle – 225 bed spaces
  • Sheffield – 543 bed spaces

During 2016, we delivered 3,815 bedrooms in Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool and Sheffield. In 2017, we will deliver 2,390 bedrooms in Belfast, Bournemouth, Chester, Glasgow, London, Sheffield and Swansea.

We are also in discussions with local planning authorities, either at pre-application or application stage, regarding in excess of an additional 2,500 student bedrooms, as well as other development types.

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