Bridge Street, Cardiff – Progress update..

Great progress is being made at Bridge Street, Cardiff!

Read the update from site below…

‘Good and steady progress has been made with all ground floor slabs now poured. This is a key milestone for the project as it gives us a base to start all the temporary staging needed to cast the floors above. All drainage excluding the final foul and storm connections have also been completed.

Progress has also been madeĀ on the vertical elements of the build and our strategy of jumping the core is proving to be the right move. We have 2 pours planned for each week on the core, the 1st being the walls and the 2nd being the stairs and landings which follow 1 floor below. This means we have permanent access up the core and only leaves 1 floor to be accessed through ladders. We are currently up to kicker on level 2. Our 1st section of mezzanine slab was also poured on Tuesday 2nd May above the ATC, we plan to pour the rest of the mezzanine slab by mid-May.’

A huge well done to all involved!