Supply Chain

At Watkin Jones we recognise that it is crucial to the success of the Group to have an effective and efficient supply chain.

Our vision is for our entire supply chain to embrace and share our commitment to sustainable development and ethical business practices.

It is our objective to create and develop opportunities to work closely with our Supply Chain Partners to mutual advantage so that together we can deliver the best value solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are involved at a very early stage of design development in order for them to advise on how their product and service can contribute added value to the client and the end product.

The Watkin Jones Group is guided by a set of principals which form the basis of our client focused approach to the development process. We strive to achieve maximum value to our clients by adopting a policy of continuous collaboration and partnership with our Supply Chain Partners.

Our Aims

  • To focus the needs of Watkin Jones Group, the supplier and its clients to ensure all parties benefit from the business relationship.
  • To build a supply chain relationship through fair and ethical business practice.
  • To ensure that the quality and environmental credentials provided by all our Supply Chain Partners are to the levels expected by Watkin Jones Group and its clients.
  • To show loyalty to our Supply Chain Partners as a reward for excellence.
  • To only use suppliers that use ethical business practices and fully comply with employment law.
  • To ensure all our Supply Chain Partners are vigorously assessed via our Quality and Environmental Management systems to achieve preferred supplier status.
  • To constantly monitor the performance of each Supply Chain Partner both during and on the completion of each development.

Our well managed supply chain offers simplification and risk reduction, value engineering, cost savings, reduction in maintenance and ethical and environmental benefits for our Supply Chain Partners, our Clients and Watkin Jones.

Our Process

1. Detailed Supply Chain EvaluationRead more

By adopting a thorough and intensive pre-selection process, Watkin Jones ensure that each and every supplier or subcontractor is fully aware of the requirements to achieve Supply Chain Partner status. A detailed database of approved suppliers and subcontractors is maintained and new firms can only be added once quality, safety, environmental and financial checks have been carried out.

2. Detailed and Accurate Procurement ProcessRead more

Each project’s procurement activities are defined and tracked using a Procurement Schedule which identifies critical dates in the procurement process, including design information release dates, tender periods, procurement lead in periods and final order dates.

3. Selection of Appropriate Subcontractors and SuppliersRead more

Suppliers and subcontractors are selected for each project taking into account the location of the project, other concurrent workload, type and size of project and cost competitiveness.

Key subcontractors and suppliers attend both Pre-Order and Pre-Start meetings with the procurement, design and construction teams to ensure a full understanding of the project and trade package requirements relating to specification, contract scope and programme.

4. On Site Quality ControlRead more

Each Project Manager and Section Manager under the supervision of the Regional Construction Director is tasked with monitoring the performance of each trade and is required to produce a daily record of progress and performance. Each major subcontractor is required to provide a non- working foreman who reports to the site management team on a regular basis to identify issues with any aspect of the supply chain and to minimise disruption to programme.

5. Development Review on Project CompletionRead more

On completion, all suppliers and subcontractors who have been involved in a project are then reviewed to re-assess their capabilities in terms of quality standards, health and safety compliance, financial controls, waste management and general contractual approach to maintain their status as a Supply Chain Partner.

6. Quality Through Continuous ImprovementRead more

Watkin Jones recognise that continuous improvement is key to our overall business development and that only by identifying these areas and acting on them can the company progress.